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Apply now, and reap the benefits right away: Get an extra $1.45 for every ride you give in your first 60 days, up to $275. Don’t have wheels?  Get a flexible rental with Lyft Express Drive. See terms.

Become a Lyft Driver

Sign up today and earn up to $250 with Uber

 Sign up today & earn $250 guaranteed for your first 50 trips. Earn less & we’ll pay you the difference. Trips must be completed within 90 days of sign up. Terms apply

Become an Uber Driver

The TOP 8 cities to Uber or Lyft in the U.S. are:

  • 1. Boston
  • 2. Denver
  • 3. Orange County, CA
  • 4. San Francisco
  • 5. Washington, D.C.
  • 6. Chicago
  • 7. Los Angeles
  • 8. Philadelphia

Your Business

How much to do you want to make today?  The longer and harder you work the more you could potentially make.  Own your own car and make your own decisions. 

Write Your Own Schedule

Work around your life & never let your job dictate to you again.  Work part-time or full-time & always have the money you need.  Take control of your life & work at a pace that is comfortable to you.


Take Things into Your Own Hands

There has never been a better time to become a rideshare driver than now.  The boom of ride-on-demand services is upon us.

Enter Lyft and Uber, the top ride-hailing services to take the US by storm.  These services have enabled everyday people to make a full or part-time income from the freedom of their own car and smartphone.  The ability to work the hours you choose and dictate your own income is a commodity many only dreams of. 


Top Rideshare Companies

Rideshare has enriched our lives with the ability to get from point A to B with ease.  Lyft and Uber are the top ride-hailing apps in the United States that are accepting driver applications.

Track your Miles and Expenses

Use Stride Tax to track your mileage & expenses and cut your tax bill in half!  

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Get a $5.00 in Lyft credit towards your first rides in Denver!

Not in Denver? No worries. Credit amounts vary by market, so you'll still receive any credit your market is offering.

You must be new to Lyft and in an eligible market to qualify. $5 off your ride. You have 1 ride remaining. Offer valid until 15 days after activation. Cannot be combined with other ride credit or offers. Subject to Lyft's Terms of Use.

© 2018 -- This opportunity is for an independent contractor. Actual earnings may vary depending on the number of rides taken, time of day, location and other factors.